About Fe Studio

Fe Studio an interior design and build services studio that provides an integrated approach for interior construction, including the designed furniture and loose item supply. Our Design and Build service focuses on the design and needs of your project through a simplified contract with a single entity. We are able to provide a fast-track work based on the close, contractual relationship between the designer and the builder.
At Fe Studio through our numerus years as award winning designers with our construction experiences, we form a strong groundwork for our design and build services. We draw upon our experience as the industry’s leading design firm to integrate that knowledge into our design and build team, customizing it to the needs and goals of your project. We provide a single-point of responsibility for coordinating activities between the designer, the builder and construction management. This service solution streamlines aspects of design and construction management offering a unique platform for a time and cost saving process. We infuse a philosophy of value into design and build projects with our management initiatives, devoted team, management systems and resources. We deliver our design passion through our excellent building.